Base Course

6 Hours in 2-3 Days, 1 Person

For all of those people who have already gained some experience in the field of water sports, winter sports and wind sports, and who probably learn fast, this course is well suited. On the other hand, for all of those who have less experience or who want a wider formation, we recommend the Intensive Course. The Base Course includes  2-3 days of lessons, that amount to 8 hours of lesson.

After the first one-hour-long theory lesson, we will go straight to the water, to put immediately what you have learnt in practice. In a study group formed from 2 to maximum 6 people, you will learn the most important elements of Kitesurfing. The course is structured so that, at end of it, you will be able to exercise autonomously safely. 

420,00 €

Base Intensive Course

10 Hours in 3-5 Days, 1-2 People

This type of course is the right choice for all of those who have few or no previous experience with other related sports. So, in the Base Intensive Course we have available 4 hours more of lessons, compared to the normal base course.The Base Intensive Course includes from 3 to 5 days of lessons, according to the conditions, that amount to 10 hours of lesson. To assimilate and practise the exercises previously studied, also in the Base Intensive Course we will dedicate a lot of time to train in the water, in order to automate the movements that you will have learnt. In a study group formed from 1 to max 2 people, you will learn the important elements of Kitesurf and its connections. The course is structured so that, at the end of it, you will be able to exercise autonomously safely. 

690,00 €

Extended Base Course I

6 Hours in 2-3 Days plus 2 Days of Equipment Rental

Besides the Base Course, we will make the rig available to you for two days more. The rental obviously includes advise for the right choice of the materials and a training under supervision.

Duration of Stay:  Minimum a week

590,00 €

Week of Training

1 Week of Equipment Rental combined with Base Course and Advanced Course

Composed by a Base Course and joined with an Advanced Course (total 10 hours of lesson).  It’s an ideal combination for those people who prefer one-week-vacation with continuous lessons.

Duration of Stay:  Minimum 1 Week

970,00 €

Basic course – Learning to jump

6 hours over 2-3 days, maximum 1 course participant

This an intensive jump training. The course is suitable for anyone who can kite safely and now wants to take the next step in jumping. After the 8 hours that you will spend almost exclusively on the water with your instructor, you will be familiar with the various jumping techniques and safety rules that must be observed when jumping.

420,00 €

Extended advanced course

Advanced course followed by a full week of equipment rental

In addition to the advanced course, we will provide you with equipment for another 7 days. The equipment rental naturally includes advice on the right choice of equipment and supervised training.

Duration of stay: at least 10 days

Premium advantage: high-end material from the current season from NORTH.

890,00 €

Advanced course

2 x 2h lessons on 1-2 days + 1 day rental/practice time For all kitesurfers,

Who have already completed a basic course but do not yet feel secure enough to want to practice on their own. The last attempts at kitesurfing were often a long time ago and the water start hasn’t really worked out yet. We build on your existing skills and bring you unerringly onto the board. We have found in the past that almost all students after a basic course are significantly lacking in movement experience and thus lack of screen control. Therefore, it does not make sense to go directly onto the water with a board at this point. Our advanced course is divided into two parts. (Part A and B, approx. 2 times 2 hours). In part A we repeat all theoretical and practical content until we can let you train with the kite with a clear conscience. You will then be given free practice time before continuing with Part B. This free material rental can be used for up to a full day. There are no extra rental costs! Only with sufficient practice time can we then work meaningfully with the board in part B and finally release a trained kitesurfer from the course.

275,00 €

VDWS License Upgrade

Raise the level on your VDWS licence

10,00 €

VDWS Manual

The original manual for the VDWS licence.

15,00 €

VDWS kitesurfing licence plus manual

The internationally recognized kitesurfing license plus manual

40,00 €

VDWS License

The internationally recognised kitesurfing licence.

25,00 €

1 – 2 People for Instructor

The personal way to learn to kitesurf and to improve your skills. This one to one arrangement ensures maximum learning success as the instructor can concentrate on his or her student and doesn t move from his or her side. It enables him to take into account the learning premises and progress, which then can be integrated into the lessons process.

80,00 €