Advanced course

2 x 2h lessons on 1-2 days + 1 day rental/practice time For all kitesurfers,

Who have already completed a basic course but do not yet feel secure enough to want to practice on their own. The last attempts at kitesurfing were often a long time ago and the water start hasn’t really worked out yet. We build on your existing skills and bring you unerringly onto the board. We have found in the past that almost all students after a basic course are significantly lacking in movement experience and thus lack of screen control. Therefore, it does not make sense to go directly onto the water with a board at this point. Our advanced course is divided into two parts. (Part A and B, approx. 2 times 2 hours). In part A we repeat all theoretical and practical content until we can let you train with the kite with a clear conscience. You will then be given free practice time before continuing with Part B. This free material rental can be used for up to a full day. There are no extra rental costs! Only with sufficient practice time can we then work meaningfully with the board in part B and finally release a trained kitesurfer from the course.

275,00 €