Our Beekite Village Kitesurf station is locatad in Praia do Macapà. Beautiful lagoons surrounded by white sandbanks form shallow water to the horizon at low tide. The mouth of the river forms a huge basin, which is as smooth as a mirror at low tide. A real dream spot! Praia do Macapà is also a perfect area for beginners due to the ideal conditions. Perfect for Kitesurf Family.


A river mouth with mirror-smooth water, about 3 square kilometers, ideal for learning new maneuvers and of course for beginners who want to reach further steps. The mouth can be reached with a small upwinder (approx. 4 strokes) from the Beekite Village Kitesurf station, behind the dune that provides smooth water there is a paradise for freestylers and flat water specialists. You get back to Praia do Macapà through a comfortable downwinder.


Maramar opens to the sea, but like Praia do Macapà is protected by a rocky bank, so at low tide we have mirror-smooth water surrounded by dreamy white sandbanks, at high tide a small wave forms that is ideal for the first steps in wave surfing…. Perfect for beginners in wave surfing.


The beauty of the spots in Piaui knows no bounds. After about an hour of downwinder or a 40-minute drive, you can reach the Parnaiba wave spot. Parnaiba is a typical, northern Brazilian town with around 150,000 inhabitants. Located in a beautiful bay near the river delta, is the area of ​​the local surfers. There is of course no lack of wind in this place, the bay is beautiful and by no means overcrowded. The wave rises at low tide from 1 meter to high tide 4 meters.


The Parnnaiba Delta is the largest open delta in the world. Best of all, you can kite through this delta. Wonderful spots that can also be driven with the company of a motor boat. In the evening there are fresh crabs and oysters from our own small farm directly on the delta.