Parnaiba Delta Kitesurf Guara Tour Bahia Caju

Starting point of this tour is our Beekite Village Kitesurf Station in Praia do Macapa Macapa. At 9 am we go by bus. After 40 minutes we already reach the port Tatus on Parnaiba- Delta. Here the boat is loaded the kite gear, water and beer * and off we go towards the sea. But the road to this stunning spot is worth the short trip. leads on the boat trip which about 45 minutes by the second largest, open delta in the world, one gains a unique view to the beautiful ecosystem of the Delta. Mangroves and white sand dunes lining the banks. If you are lucky you can watch small monkeys, birds, eagles and iguanas.

At the end of the ride you are at the place where the river delta flowing into the open sea Ilha dos Poldos. A huge area with shallow water is now before us. The limitation to the sea offers a kilometer long sandbank on which we set up camp. On the other hand rolls beautiful waves on the sandbar.

After all have sufficiently abated, we continue to experience the beautiful natural event towards Bahia Caju. The bright orange Guara birds flying in hundreds at sunset in the mangroves around since the night is to spend .. The breathtaking sight of an unforgettable dream experience ever !!! Arrival back in Macapa to 20:00

* Price does not include drinks and meals, snacks, etc.

125,00 €