Macapà main spot:

The station is located in Macapa. Beautiful lagoons surrounded by white sandbars form at Low Tide shallow water to the horizon. The mouth of the river forms a large pool, which is as smooth as glass at Low Tide. The dream spot !!! Macapa is a perfect spot for beginners because of ideal Terms Security.

River Delta:

An estuary with mirror Smooth water, about 2 square kilometers, ideal to learn new maneuvers and of course, achieve the further Steps for beginners want. The mouth is a small Upwinder reach (about 4 beats) from the BeeKite station, behind the dune which ensures smooth water opens a paradise for freestylers and flat water specialists. Return to Macapà They come back through a gentle downwind.


Maramar open to the sea, but as Macapà protected by a rocky bank, so we have at Low Tide mirror smooth water surrounded by beautiful white sands, at High Tide is a small wave that is ideal for the first steps of wave surfing forms .... Perfect for beginners in surfing wave !! The spot is very suitable for beginners.


The beauty of the spot in Piaui simply knows no limits. After approximately one hour downwind or optional 40 minute drive you can reach the wavespot Parnaiba. Parnaiba is a typical northern Brazilian town with about 150,000 inhabitants. In a beautiful bay, near the river delta city, this area of ??the local surfers. In this place, of course, there is no lack of wind, the bay is beautiful and not crowded !! The wave rises at Low Tide from 1 meter to 4 meters High Tide, DREAM SPOT!

Parnaiba Delta:

The Delta of Parnnaiba is the largest delta in the world open. And by this delta can kite. Wonderful spots that can be worn with accompaniment of a motorboat !!! In the evening there right on Delta Live crabs from the finest.