A long awaited dream has come true. For years we have been dreaming of this moment and now it has come...... BEEKITE  BRAZIL!
After years of BRAZILIAN experience, we have added to the best Brazilian Spots, our Homespot.

Macapà.... the SPOT of all SPOTS !  A tip… This place has a great potential. From Fortaleza you can go to Macapà (about 5 hours far) in the state of Piaui Parnaiba Delta. The small fisherman village is the most beautiful and varied SPOT in the North of Brazil... With flat water, waves, and a very large area where you can touch the bottom in the water, both beginners and advanced students will have fun! After doing Kite, in the wonderful small village you’ll be able to spoil yourself in the small restaurants, eating italian pizza, pasta, churrasco, French cooking. A little bit of everything and at end of every night there’s also the Caipi  ......... SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!


Beekite Team - Michele Poli Michele Poli

Kite Instructor VDWS

Beekite Team - Manuel Manfredi Manuel Manfredi

Kite Instructor VDWS



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Kite & Cook

Kite Adventure

25. Nov 2017 − 09. Dez 2017


Intensivtraining 5 Tage

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